Initial and preventative examination, consultations

Initial examinations and preventative check-ups are the first steps to your healthy smile. Therefore, we put much emphasis on them as they can expose even hidden issues in the oral cavity. Very often, an X-ray examination is a necessary part of a thorough examination. Then we determine how the treatment will proceed..

Preventive dentistry and dental hygiene

One of the basic preconditions for a healthy oral cavity and thus the entire body is dental hygiene. We teach our patients that regular prevention through proper oral hygiene is crucial for maintaining the overall health of the oral cavity. It protects you and minimizes the intensity of therapeutic interventions.

Restorative dentistry

Treatment of dental caries aims at reconstruction of the affected tooth to its original condition. In case of a suitable situation, we try to restore the repaired tooth using aesthetic materials into the original natural form during one appointment..

Root canal treatment, called endodontics, is often necessary in the case of:

  • deep caries treatment
  • inflammatory focus finding on the tooth root during preventative check-up
  • severe pain in the affected tooth

Thanks to the latest technologies we use, even this demanding treatment is completely painless.

Aesthetic dentistry

Our clinic provides a unique teeth whitening method – Pure whitening. You can choose from these options: whitening at home, in our clinic or a combination of the two. It is up to you to choose the option and the effect you wish to achieve. The great advantage of Pure whitening is that you do not need to follow the so-called white diet.

Prosthetic dentistry

Prosthetic dentistry deals with replacing the missing teeth or a set of teeth and restores the patient´s chewing ability as well as aesthetic function that is of no less importance. We cooperate with the best dental technicians who use the top-quality materials for crowns, bridges or prostheses.


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